FrankenBike (n) A free bike swap meet held once a month in Austin, Texas that is open to anyone who wants to buy, sell or trade bicycles and bicycle related gear or parts.

Cyclist Flock to FrankenBike.

FrankenBike is currently held in these cities:
Austin, TX
San Antonio, TX
Houston, TX
Corpus Christi, TX
Denton, Dallas, FT Worth
St. Louis, MO
Pittsburgh, PA
Portland OR
Las Vegas, NV


  • How much does this cost? Nothing, nada, zilch, zero. FrankenBike is free to buyers and sellers alike.
  • Can I sell/promote my products at FrankenBike?  Sure you can.
  • Can I Host a FrankenBike?  Why,  yes you can,  and we’re glad you asked.  Contact Us for details.
Music City Cycles hosted one in March of 2007 at the old shop location that was a lot of fun, and helped make our neighborhood more aware of our shop. The swap meet brings together all types of cycling geeks - from NOS aficionados to high tech gearheads - in a fun, laid back atmosphere."
Attached is a picture from that Frankenbike outside our old shop. 



David Hartley
Music City Cycles
7212 McNeil Dr., # 201
Austin, TX  78729
512.336.BIKE (2453)
I have had franken bike in my back yard 3 different times in the past and have had a great time.   The Franken Bike crowd is one of the best mix of people Austin, Texas has to offer and I try to go to every event that there is just to be around all the fun people and of course, the bikes and parts.  From the back yards to the coffee shops and bars.   Fun Fun Fun for the whole family all ages.
Bobby Fiddes of Bobbys Bikes ~ Austin, Texas




The swap meet brings a carnival atmosphere to our parking lot.   Frankenbike helps people find parts at a reasonable price and allows us to sell the rare and the unusual gear that Frankenbikers are looking for.  It also reminds customers that we are here in West Campus and a great source of information and unusual parts.  And the bike cafe on the lot loves it too for spreading the word about their 25% discount for people who ride up on a bike.

Freewheeling Bicycles

 2401 San Gabriel Street
Austin, TX 78705-4792
(512) 473-8700




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  1. nathan kensley
    on Feb 24th, 2012
    @ 4:02 pm

    i have to say i have been to 2 franken bikes and was really impressed with the whole organization thing along with the openness of the event. up her ein mn we are looking to start something similar but unfortunately we will have to find some indoor spaces in the winter. with that being said was their any legal issues you were having in starting up franken bike? can these swaps be done in parks? how many sponsers do you need to get things going? anyways if you can respond to help out that would be great, or even better a phone call 651-271-0637 keep up the great work.

    nathan kensley

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